Friday, November 28, 2008

Nuru Celebrates Christmas For Kuria

The video above was edited and put together by a friend of mine named Doug Scott. He took the raw footage and put all of this together on the ground in Kuria, Kenya in a dirt floored staff house where he and three other friends have been living the last couple of months. Doug used to work for Willow Creek Community Church, but for the last 3 months he has been volunteering for Nuru and designing incredible videos, taking amazing photographs, and designing the content and layout for the Nuru website. This video is the first of a handful of videos he has produced while serving Nuru on the ground in Kenya--I thought you might enjoy this video, and perhaps you'll see a familiar face as you watch. ;) If you blog, or have facebook, or like to email your friends with cool videos, etc., then copy this url and send it to some friends. Or you can just point folks to my blog--that would work too. I'm trying to get the word out about nuru to as many people as possible--will you help?

Oh, and there's a reason I'm posting this video and writing this blog today. I just looked on youtube and 89,000 people have watched this video. By taking three minutes to watch the video, you can help make the video even more popular on youtube, which will mean even MORE people will watch it and find out about this great organization.

Beyond that, today marks the commencement of Nuru's Christmas campaign called "Christmas for Kuria." There is a page on the website where YOU can leave YOUR greeting for the children of Kuria, Kenya. Click here, and send your Christmas greeting. Right now these children and their families are getting ready for the growing season, but the cost of seed and fertilizer is skyrocketing. Today, you can join Nuru in helping this community by making a donation to help purchase seed and fertilizer that can be loaned to the people of this community.

My buddy Willie's two children were the first to contribute to the campaign using paypal. They didn't give a lot by our standards. They gave a dollar each. That's more money than the average person in Kuria, Kenya makes in a day. And it was a lot for these kids too.

I'm really proud of them for their giving. I didn't ask them--they asked me. They asked their dad too. We were in awe of their willingness to give. "The Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Will you join them in their generosity this holiday season?

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