Monday, November 10, 2008

58 Conference: Afterword

This past weekend, we hosted our inaugural 58 conference at Chestnut Ridge Church, and it was truly amazing. What was it like?

It was like mobilizing over 90 volunteers to serve and connect with middle school and high school students from all over the state of WV.

It was like seeing these students hang out, connect, and discuss some life changing talks during the weekend.

It was like impacting an entire city as students and volunteers joined together to step out in faith and serve various non-profit agencies across the city of Morgantown during an early morning FAITHventure.

It was like changing the way a generation thinks about issues like hunger, clean water, and wealth.

It was like watching a generation of young West Virginians step up to make a difference in God’s big World.

Yup, it was a life changing historic weekend for us at Chestnut Ridge Church. We will be thanking our Creator for it for a long time.

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BigMama said...

How exciting! My oldest will be able to attend next year and she's already getting pumped about it!