Friday, November 14, 2008

Gas Under $2?

Gas Under $2?, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
I think I finally figured it out. Why would John Beilein and Rich Rodriguez both move from Morgantown to Michigan? After my recent trip to Ann Arbor, the answer is obvious. Gas prices. What I remember of both of them while they lived in Morgantown is that they drove SUVs. SUV's don't get very good gas mileage. Just like the rest of america, escalating gas prices drove them to make some lifestyle changes.

The photo above was seriously taken on Thursday. That's where I bought gas to head back to west virginia yesterday morning. They couldn't get me to discard my loyalties just by saving cash on gas--that's why I drive a hybrid--it takes away that temptation.

Back in Morgantown the prices were significantly higher. $2.39 when I came in town yesterday. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, and I understand that prices are somewhat market driven and vary from location to location due to factors beyond my understanding.

Regardless, gas for less than $2 was a treat. But I don't plan on making the trip back any time soon for that treat. It's a nice place to visit (and buy cheap gas), but I just love these west virginia hills too much.

Of course life is more than gas prices, right? I hope you can enjoy the little things as your week comes to an end, but at the same time--remember that's not your treasure!


David Story said...

I filled up two days ago for $1.83 a gallon. Maybe Coach Rod should've tried to get a job with Ohio State.

Willie said...

I love the last comment. I filled up for $1.79 a gallon. I was happy to pay it. I forgot what it felt like to actually be able to stop the pump on a whole number.

Some folks wouldn't stop talking about how high the price was; I can't stop talking about how wonderful it is every time the price per gallon drop a cent.

Hey Billy, maybe you should move to Columbus.


Rita said...

Gas is only $1.83 in Parkersburg as well. So if your headed this way you may want to bring some gas cans and fill them up so you don't have to pay the high prices in Morgantown. Just a thought!! :)