Tuesday, November 04, 2008


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Today, millions of American's are going out to vote. I was able to enjoy a free chik-fil-a sandwich as a result of exercising my civic duty. I love the fact that our government allows us to participate in the hiring of our leaders.

But you know what is frightening to me? It's frightening when we lose our perspective during all of the hype surrounding elections. Voting is important. Participating in the civic process is important. But the person who holds the position of an office like president isn't the person in which people of faith should place their hope.

You see, when Jesus was crucified and resurrected in 33AD, He established Himself as the greatest authority in heaven and on earth. And "the hour we first believed", we pledged allegiance to Him--He became our source of hope. And yet, when election time comes, it seems like we lose this perspective.

Don't get me wrong, elections are important, but I feel like there is so much hype around the events.

I want to offer a suggestion as the results come in from the election. Before we get frustrated or elated over a candidate, I think we need to ask ourselves what we are willing to do to make a difference in our world. No candidate for any office will ever be able to offer the hope that Jesus offers, and if you are a Christian, then that means you probably believe that Jesus' way of living is probably the best way of living.

So do you want things to change in our country? Do you feel like its all "going down the tubes"? Or that these are the "end times" being ushered in? I've heard all kinds of talk around the elections, and it's really astounding to me that people can get so hyped or depressed over something so temporal.

I think we're missing something. I think there's something to be said for standing up and making a difference in our world. I think there's something to be said for people like you and me choosing to passionately live a different kind of life during the 1460 other days when we aren't participating in a major national election. If we really want to see change in this world, We've gotta be willing to be that change. I've gotta start with me.

So rather than simply voting on a couple of issues, you and I gotta be willing to toe the line. I think what this world longs to see is a church that is willing to live as a sign of the reality of God's love being made tangible to our world.

I'm tempted to lay out what this might look like issue by issue, but I won't. There's far too many issues, and if you are like me, your attention span for reading online is very short.

I just want to encourage you to stand up and be a sign of hope beyond any election. I want to encourage you to live as a sign of the true hope we have in the Kingdom of Jesus.

May you, through your life, demonstrate to your friends, your neighbors, and your co-workers what life looks like when we live out the good news of Jesus in the world where we live.


Donna said...

....thanks, Billy. Your words are true, and they hold great meaning, great "hope," and great responsibility. They help on a day like today!

BigMama said...

Excellent post. No government can do the work that needs to be done to help our fellow man!