Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I don't want to jump the gun on this one. I thought spring was here a week or two ago, and then it got cold again. I had a great day yesterday though. Early in the day I was able to get a lot of work done. Late in the afternoon I rode my bike out to meet a buddy of mine for a late lunch. Afterward, I figured I would use one of my tremendous starbucks gift cards and get myself a little coffee, and read outside. While I was sitting there, one of the Baristas approached me, sat down at my table, and completely interrupted my reading.

But it was cool. You see, I go do work out in the midst of people knowing that there will be interruptions. There will be conversations that start. There will be kairos moments in the midst of chronos time.

Yesterday was no exception. I sat and talked to a guy named Justin who was a little shocked when he found out what I do for a living. I like that. It means that I probably don't fit any stereotypes. After he found out, the questions flew though. We talked about justice and our need for relationships, and I was able to talk to him about how Jesus came not only to die for our sins, but to show us how to truly live.

Unfortunately, I had to curtail the conversation because of a prior engagement, but we had a good hour of laughing and being serious, and sharing both our frustrations and joys in this life. I was also able to share a little bit of hope--both for this life and for the age to come.

Do you make yourself available for God to interrupt your life? I would love to hear about a Kairos moment you have had recently.


mark booras said...

Hey billy,

had a kairos moment on email today with a friend from China, and had one the other week with a guy on my team. he had been struggling with his brother's handicap (quadrapeligic from an accident) and was sharing how his family was struggling in different ways with where God was during it. he asked me what i thought of all of it and i got to share with him why i feel God allows us to suffer sometimes. i got to share the gospel as well and it ended up with him saying, 'maybe God brought me here to LSU to learn about Jesus from you'. pretty cool. hopefully we will be having a seeker Bible study this friday night on one of our last roadtrips at the hotel. three of my guys said they'd like to have one, only one is a believer. please pray for that, for their hearts, for the time allowances to make it happen, and that God would speak through me to reach out to them.

all else is well down here. i tried to email you a couple weeks back with the big news, but am not sure if you got it. I'm engaged! as of a few weeks ago! we're getting married on june 17th of this year. everything else is going pretty well. staying busy with the season. my mom is not well right now though. i had to go up to chicago to take care of her for a week as she got out of the hospital. then she went back in, and now she is out again, but recovering this time. she had pneumonia then another infection called c diff. please pray for her if you get the chance, her name is georgean. thanks.

i enjoy your blogs and update letters. i am so encouraged when i read about howe the Lord is using you to further His kingdom. you are in my prayers.
Mark B

tri-cor said...

Mr. Billy sir,

Just yesterday I was outside of a local coffee shop spending a little time with God when out of nowhere approximately 2 raindrops decided to hit me and my word. I looked up and was a little startled because it didn't look like it was going to rain. But then 3 more raindrops came and hit the word. SO, I decided to run inside for a couple of minutes to wrap up what I was doing. As soon as I get inside, I see the manager/owner and I say,

"Dang raindrops."

"It's raining?" he asks.

"I don't think so, but 5 raindrops decided to hit my book, and we can't have that happen." I answer.

"True." he responds as he turns around to leave to do his owner type duties. But as he turns, he looks at the "book" that had the raindrops fall on it, and he said,

"Especially that book."

He glances up as if he were potentially being reunited with a friend he once new long ago,

"that's the only real book there is."

And then off he goes.

Whoa! What was that??? Can't wait to find out!

And you know, as soon as he left, 2 business ladies with tons of papers walked right outside on the patio, and set up shop with not a care in the world of anything getting wet...because it definitely wasn't raining!

Hope all is well my friend! It's been too long since we've connected! Today I'll be praying for ya! Cheers!

chanchanchepon said...

Hey guys,

thanks for sharing your kairos moments. It is so cool to be in touch with both of you, and be able to call you my friends.