Friday, April 28, 2006

Fun with Mustaches

Over the last few days, I have been slowly eradicating the mass of facial hair I have grown in the last two months. I thought I would share the results with anyone who may be interested in the photo's below. We had a big celebration called the mustache bash as a fun way to end the school year within the community of h2o.

I hope the many staches seen below will brighten your day.

And, if you are concerned that my mustache mania might become a problem, I assure you, I am no longer sporting the stache.

For those of you who are lamenting the loss, Mustache Bash 2007 is just around the corner . . .


Sander Chan said...

But where are your glasses?

chanchanchepon said...

I left them out in these pictures. I was worried that the flash on my camera would cause a glare. Plus, I look "tougher" without them. hehehe