Friday, April 14, 2006

I'll always stand . . .for you

Tuesday night I went to see Delirious and Tree 63 in a free concert in clarksburg, WV.

It was an interesting evening. I found myself a little detached from all that was happening on the stage. I listened to the lyrics and let them resonate in my mind. As the musicians played, I found myself engaged in conversations with the people around me. There is a lot of pain and hurt in our world, and it seems like sometimes it won't stop. I am shocked at the hurts some of my friends have had to walk through.

As I listened to conversations, and I listened to the lyrics, I felt a bit of the despair of so many of the young people assembled in this venue.

The chorus of one of the songs Tree63 sang is the title of this blog.

I felt like as i heard the lyrics it was like the musicians and the people in the audience were making a commitment beyond their capabilities, like saying something they could never live up to.

I think sometimes we make statements like this, and then, if we fail, guilt and shame overwhelm us, and we end up sliding away because of our failures.

Christianity bids us toward something different. We are to run hard after God, and if we fall, we are to allow grace to keep us standing up, and keep on running.

Don't let sin entangle you, cast it off, and run!

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