Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sweet Sixteen Bound

Sweet Sixteen Bound, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
I just finished watching WVU roll into the sweet sixteen for the second year in a row. Mike Gansey is one of the key players making it possible. He and Kevin Pittsnogle have been nominated as finalists for a number of post season awards. Gansey represented the United States last summer in the World University Games.
I really love watching these guys play basketball. It has been so fun these last four years watching Mountaineer basketball. It's a little different from actually being in the game, but these guys play good fundamental basketball so well, that it is a delight to watch.
Growing up, there were two sports that captivated me. Baseball and Basketball. Basketball became my pastime from about sixth grade on. I traded my cleats for Chuck Taylors and got in the game. I can remember riding my bike down to the city park in Parkersburg and playing basketball from the time I got out of school until just before dark (my dad wanted me home for dinner and so that meant being home before dark).
What was your sport of choice growing up? Was there a game that you could just spend the whole day playing? Watching these games and being a part of March Madness brings back a lot of magical memories for me. Basketball is one of the great loves of the Williams boys, starting with my dad's generation.
What's your game of choice?

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