Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh! The Irony

Here it is, just after making a commitment to a daily blog, I have already missed two days. I guess that is part of the challenge, right, following through on the commitment. I had a feeling it would be difficult, and that was part of the reason I made the commmitment. It is not easy for anybody to start or maintain a daily habit. (Except, eating, drinking and sleeping--I seem to do just great with those three).

So what is to be made from this difficulty with consistency? Does it mean that I am a total slack? Maybe. Or maybe it means that I have too many irons in the fire. I heard recently that part of making decisions means that you have to cheat. Everything you commit to do automatically means that you can't commit to do other things. For instance, if I commit to drive to Los Angeles today, I can not drive to Orlando. (Well, I could, but it wouldn't help me get to Los Angeles today, and that is the problem.)

So right now, I am looking at things that emerge in my life that are bringing difficulty to maintaining this commitment. Do you have any competing commitments that are making it difficult for you to maintain consistency?

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