Monday, March 27, 2006

People of the Book

It's a bit ironic. As Christians, we are called by some "the people of the book." Yet, the more I talk to people, I find that it isn't so much that the book is actually read as much as it is carried around (which might be a form of exercise for some).

There are all kinds of Bibles in many of our homes, but do we use this text to shape our lives, or is it simply an ornament, or a good luck charm. Kind of like a lucky rabbit's foot.

A group of students in towers tonight made a commitment to begin reading the word and letting it shape their lives. I told them about this blog, so maybe some of what is shaping them will in turn shape you as well.

Have you immersed yourself in the text lately?

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First Friday said...

good stuff billy. i find that i can pray and converse intensely with God and still not get all I need until I crack open da book. that's when he speaks to me not necessarily the loudest - but it's the most consistently clear. it says what is says and it's right from da man. and that, my friend, you can take to da bank.