Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Busy Day

So this is why I have had a hard time blogging. It is 11:07PM and I am just settling in for the night. I got up at 5:20 this morning. That's what I call a long day.

My english class was pretty interesting today. We spent a lot of time talking about Native American stuff, so I was in a zone. This class seems like the first one that has pulled from a number of areas that I am passionate about. I've been able to talk about faith, history, Indian policy, linguistics, and even where the idea of being "american" comes from.

It was really fun. After four years in the program, I am starting to get a feel for writing scholarly work. Writing messages has probably also helped develop that skill.

It's ironic, because when I was in my undrgrad, I seemed to have a knack for communicating with clarity, and then as i journeyed away from writing for about 5 years, it was like there was a cloud in my mind. I feel like the cloud is being lifted.

Have you ever felt like that? Like you can't think clearly, or that you have a scattering of thoughts in your mind? At times it can be confusing because it feels like there are eight different unrelated thoughts going on in my mind. Writing has helped me focus, but this entry might not show it.

It has been a long, busy scattering day, so I am going to go spend some time centering my heart and mind on the words of my Rabbi Jesus.

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cameron king said...

Hey Billy! I assume your commitment to one blog a day has been somewhat affected by WVU's loss on Thursday, the day before which you wrote your last blog. I don't blame you though. It still doesn't feel quite real that they lost; I think I really believed they'd be in the Final Four. Thanks for all you do.