Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Last Night

Last night during Veritas, we talked about John 3:22-36. It's a pretty cool passage. The Baptist's followers were concerned that more people were following Jesus than John the Baptist. John's response was brilliant, he called himself "the friend of the bridegroom, and talked about how much he celebrated the arrival of the groom.

It's kind of like being at a wedding today. It wouldn't make sense for the best-man at a wedding to try to steal the bride as the groom shows up at the wedding. The best-man, and the groomsmen (friends of the bridegroom) instead are looking out for the bride, and are thrilled when the groom comes to wed his wife. John has the same response. In fact, he realizes that at this time his role is to decrease, and Christ's must increase.

Of course it makes total sense, John isn't supposed to wed the bride--only make sure she is ready for her groom. The Bible tells us that Jesus's bride is the church, the people of God. Isn't it cool that we can also behave as friends of the bridegroom as we serve each other and care for one another until King Jesus returns for His bride to rule?

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