Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cycling and Eating right

I took my new bike out for the longest ride so far yesterday. I rode out to Chestnut Ridge Church and back for a meeting. It's pretty cool, because I can really fly on this cycle, and my commute time to the church was only a few minutes slower than driving. Coming back was a different story because I am very untrusting of the cars along stewartstown road (especially near Bon Vista for anyone familiar with the area). Morgantown is not the most bike friendly area. Especially along the main roads. there is some gravel that is washing away along the edge of the roads--but that really isn't good for a bike. Plus, that's where people's broken beer bottles end up sitting.

Yesterday evening my roommate nic and I ventured up to Giant Eagle to get some healthy vegetarian fed chicken and other assorted good foods. Over the last month I have been making a conscientious effort to eat healthier and better balanced meals. As a result, I feel great, and I have been able to have more energy to put into the whole of life.

We also stopped down at the mountain people's co-op for some healthy trail mix and nuts, etc. If I do feel an urge to snack, I want to snack smartly--not with ho-ho's and twinkies (not that I have ever really been a fan of either of those vile foods).

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