Friday, September 23, 2005

Climbing and Cycling

Yesterday was just a great day. I am already experiencing many of the joys that come with better physical conditioning and alternative travel. With the new bike, I can zip through areas near campus that would often leave me stuck in traffic during busy times of day.

I am also starting to feel my legs and my grip come back from climbing. We had four guys out for a climb at Sunset Wall yesterday evening, and we are planning another big excursion monday afternoon. It's starting to remind me of the good times me and my buddy Steve used to have when he first introduced me to the sport.

If it weren't for the biker unfriendly nature of Morgantown streets (and the hills everywhere) this would be a perfect alternative to driving. As it is, it isn't too bad though. I save money on fuel, I get exercise, and I am being a good steward of God's great creation in the process.

Cycling has been providing me with an added perk of solitude as I travel through town. It's good to be able to reflect a bit as I journey to and fro through town. Maybe more people will follow suit, and Morgantown will have some more biker friendly routes develop.

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