Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Back in the Swing

So...It's been a while, but I am back at the blog thing. I just got finished working out with my roommate nic this morning. It's a pretty good situation. I want to not be a slack, and he wants to be cut for his honeymoon. So we get up at 5:45AM, and lift for about 45-60 minutes on M, W, F. It's also a good thing because I tend to let my physical fitness go for the sake of other things that are often more urgent but not nearly as important.

I've also been cycling. I just got a sweet deal on a Giant OCR3, and I've been using that for virtually all of my commuting. I may even start riding it to work out in the future. Since I am rarely in the car with other people, and now that I don't travel to fairmont each week, I can be a better steward of the environment (and my body) by riding when I would drive, and walking when it makes more sense.

It's been pretty sweet so far. I need to look into a headlight for my bike if I am going to do any night riding though. The battery on my old one lasts about 30 seconds and goes out.

I've also been getting out and climbing/hiking with a couple of guys here and there. It's been a really cool way to connect and encourage one another, and it is just nice to get out and enjoy the woods too!

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Melissa said...

I love cycling for commuting! The dutch have the right idea biking everywhere! Did you know that cities in America are rated on how biker friendly they are? Boulder, CO is one of the best biker friendly cities. I think I'll move there. Later!