Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Journey Northward

Over the last couple of days I have been slowly travelling northward toward West Virginia. Along the way, I have been able to meet with many friends and share with them what God is doing in my life as well as hear what He has been doing in theirs.

I sat in traffic for two hours in Jacksonville Saturday, and an additional hour in Daytona to make a nine hour trip out of a six hour drive. I had the privilege of stopping in Columbia for the night to connect with Josh and Dana Kelly. It was pretty cool because, among other things we had pizza at "the mellow mushroom". We had the same waiter as we had during my stop on the way to Orlando. He remembered me, and we were able to connect a bit more. Turns out he is a musician, and has some stuff online--gonna try to listen to it soon and keep connected. Maybe it will be a future friend for the Kelly's in Columbia as well.

After breakfast Sunday morning at the Kelly's, I travelled to Charlotte, where I attended church with Sarah Nelms and her friend Jen. We had some pizza at Brixx in Charlotte, and I continued my journey northward to Virginia.

Sunday evening, I was able to meet and stay the night with my friends the Arringtons in Bedford, VA. We were able to enjoy both dinner Sunday night and breakfast at the Peaks of Otter monday morning. It was definitely a refreshing time of sharing.

After this, I journeyed to Roanoke, and spent the evening dining, conversing, and resting at Marc and Mandy Hinkle's new place.

Today I am meeting with folks in Blacksburg, VA, and trying to crank through as much stuff online as possible.

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Lauren said...

Hey Billy :) Glad you'll be home soon. Peaks of Otter was one of my favorite places to hike in Virginia. I just thought it was cool you got to stop in there!