Monday, August 09, 2010

Biking in Ohiopyle

I don't know if you've ever ventured into the Laurel Highlands Region of Pennsylvania, but one of the favorite bike rides for me and my dad can be found at Ohiopyle State Park. This weekend we took a trip along this flat eleven mile bike route that connects Ohiopyle to Confluence, Pennsylvania. The journey was beautiful and calming. The cool wildnerness air combined with the lush greenery of the forest canopy that shaded our way made the trip almost dreamlike, especially in light of the intense heat and humidity we have been experiencing on the east coast this summer.

As we rode along, we were greeted by many friendly cyclists and hikers, who had experienced the humanity rejuvenating power or the created world. I remember Jamie made the comment that the natural world had an awe inspiring power that regrettably fewer and fewer people take time to experience. We live in a world that is too busy, and running too fast in an effort to be efficient, effective, and accomplish our very important work--whatever form our work takes.

The Youghiogaheny River stretched out like a ruffled whitewater blanket alongside our bike path, and we could see many people enjoying the outdoors with fishing rod, raft, and kayak as we journeyed along.

When we finally reached our destination, Confluence PA, we stopped in at the River's Edge Cafe for an incredibly delicious meal that gave us just what we needed for the trip back to Ohiopyle.

This was the third trip along this path I've taken with my dad, but it was the first time we stopped for a meal in town. I'm grateful for these forays with my dad that exercise our bodies and refresh our souls.

If you have the opportunity, and a bicycle, I highly recommend a trip with friends along the Youghiogaheny and a visit to Ohiopyle. There's only a couple of months of ideal biking weather left, so make the most of it!

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