Friday, March 31, 2006


Yesterday I celebrated my 32nd birthday. There wasn't a lot of fanfare, and people didn't line the streets or anything, but it was an incredible day. I was actually able to steal away for a bit in the afternoon and go for a bike ride and a hike with my dad. The evening ended on a relaxing note with me watching Indian TV (a fire) with a few friends outside my house.

I was thinking about my life and the life of another person who turned thirty two a long time ago. I wonder what Jesus was doing on His 32nd birthday. I wonder who He was serving during his second year on earth? Who were the people He was building into? He was standing about a year before the cross, I wonder if he knew then exactly how and when it was all going to go down.

At age thirty-two, I have been able to drive for half of my life. Sixteen years of my life I have been able to drive a car, and help others on long road trips. I kind of take it for granted sometimes that I've had that luxury for half of my life.

My favorite basketball player of all time is Magic Johnson. Do you know what his jersey number is? 32.

As I sit at this pinnacle in my life, I am hopeful that my next 32 will be even better than my first 32, and my first thirty two have been awesome.

My goal this year is to not attempt to do everything all at once. I feel the pull of so many different demands on my life, and I try to answer them all--all the time. Nobody can do that. So I am lerning. And this year I am being intentional about it.

For instance. I can't plan out a vacation as I blog--one thing at a time.

Do you have any big goals for your next year of life?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Posting Lag

I wasn't able to post yesterday or Tuesday, but I am back to the world of blogging. Should have more to say later. Right now my shoulder is aching and I am getting ready to ride my bike and play some basketball. Long day today, but it should be fun too!!! My folks are coming up for a visit.

Take some time to enjoy the day--it is supposed to be beautiful 70+ degrees (finally spring may be here!!!).

Monday, March 27, 2006

People of the Book

It's a bit ironic. As Christians, we are called by some "the people of the book." Yet, the more I talk to people, I find that it isn't so much that the book is actually read as much as it is carried around (which might be a form of exercise for some).

There are all kinds of Bibles in many of our homes, but do we use this text to shape our lives, or is it simply an ornament, or a good luck charm. Kind of like a lucky rabbit's foot.

A group of students in towers tonight made a commitment to begin reading the word and letting it shape their lives. I told them about this blog, so maybe some of what is shaping them will in turn shape you as well.

Have you immersed yourself in the text lately?


That's what you can call me. I had all of these great aspirations of being able to keep up with one entry per day. But I have failed miserably. I could blame my lack of accessability, but I always have home as an option. In spite of my lack of entries, I have much to blog about. My mountaineers have fallen. I loaned out my camera, and so I haven't been able to keep up with the photo aspect of this blog.

Anyway, I'm back on track!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Busy Day

So this is why I have had a hard time blogging. It is 11:07PM and I am just settling in for the night. I got up at 5:20 this morning. That's what I call a long day.

My english class was pretty interesting today. We spent a lot of time talking about Native American stuff, so I was in a zone. This class seems like the first one that has pulled from a number of areas that I am passionate about. I've been able to talk about faith, history, Indian policy, linguistics, and even where the idea of being "american" comes from.

It was really fun. After four years in the program, I am starting to get a feel for writing scholarly work. Writing messages has probably also helped develop that skill.

It's ironic, because when I was in my undrgrad, I seemed to have a knack for communicating with clarity, and then as i journeyed away from writing for about 5 years, it was like there was a cloud in my mind. I feel like the cloud is being lifted.

Have you ever felt like that? Like you can't think clearly, or that you have a scattering of thoughts in your mind? At times it can be confusing because it feels like there are eight different unrelated thoughts going on in my mind. Writing has helped me focus, but this entry might not show it.

It has been a long, busy scattering day, so I am going to go spend some time centering my heart and mind on the words of my Rabbi Jesus.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh! The Irony

Here it is, just after making a commitment to a daily blog, I have already missed two days. I guess that is part of the challenge, right, following through on the commitment. I had a feeling it would be difficult, and that was part of the reason I made the commmitment. It is not easy for anybody to start or maintain a daily habit. (Except, eating, drinking and sleeping--I seem to do just great with those three).

So what is to be made from this difficulty with consistency? Does it mean that I am a total slack? Maybe. Or maybe it means that I have too many irons in the fire. I heard recently that part of making decisions means that you have to cheat. Everything you commit to do automatically means that you can't commit to do other things. For instance, if I commit to drive to Los Angeles today, I can not drive to Orlando. (Well, I could, but it wouldn't help me get to Los Angeles today, and that is the problem.)

So right now, I am looking at things that emerge in my life that are bringing difficulty to maintaining this commitment. Do you have any competing commitments that are making it difficult for you to maintain consistency?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sweet Sixteen Bound

Sweet Sixteen Bound, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
I just finished watching WVU roll into the sweet sixteen for the second year in a row. Mike Gansey is one of the key players making it possible. He and Kevin Pittsnogle have been nominated as finalists for a number of post season awards. Gansey represented the United States last summer in the World University Games.
I really love watching these guys play basketball. It has been so fun these last four years watching Mountaineer basketball. It's a little different from actually being in the game, but these guys play good fundamental basketball so well, that it is a delight to watch.
Growing up, there were two sports that captivated me. Baseball and Basketball. Basketball became my pastime from about sixth grade on. I traded my cleats for Chuck Taylors and got in the game. I can remember riding my bike down to the city park in Parkersburg and playing basketball from the time I got out of school until just before dark (my dad wanted me home for dinner and so that meant being home before dark).
What was your sport of choice growing up? Was there a game that you could just spend the whole day playing? Watching these games and being a part of March Madness brings back a lot of magical memories for me. Basketball is one of the great loves of the Williams boys, starting with my dad's generation.
What's your game of choice?

Friday, March 17, 2006


WVU2.JPG, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
Kevin Pittsnogle is one of the hottest players in college basketball this year. He has a good shot at going to the NBA, and he is from my state--West Virginia. As a result of his ability to shoot at will over most defenders (even when double teamed), people have given a name to this feat. It's called getting "Pittsnogled."
It has been exciting watching Kevin and the rest of this year's WVU basketball team play one of the toughest schedules in the country, and maintain a top twenty five ranking throughout the season.
Be sure to watch as much march madness as you can--it only comes once a year. And cheer on the Mountaineers of West Virginia University. They are a great group of guys, and have won the hearts and loyal support of their campus, community, and state.
Of course I have filled out brackets for March Madness, and of course, I pick WVU to win it all--why not? Have you filled out a bracket? If so, who are your picks?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A long Hiatus

It's been quite some time since I have posted anything on this blog. It really stinks because there have been some really cool things happening in the mix here in Morgantown, and unfortunately, I've been distracted from taking the time to blog. Please accept my apologies.

I'm back!!!

And the plan is to have a daily blog. There is enough going on any given day that I should be able to blog about something. I want to give a special thanks to Steve Powell for calling me out on a lack of blogs for nearly a month.

It seems that just that I get in a routine, something comes along and breaks the routine. Although it could be bad, perhaps it is a good thing. When our routine is interrupted, we are reminded about why we do certain things.

For me, blogging is like a spiritual discipline. I am able to share some of the events that shape my life other people. I am able to reflect upon what God is doing in my life. I am able to use my life and the events around it to help others engage freshly with God and our world.

That's some pretty cool stuff--sorry I have been leaving out this valuable aspect of my walk with the Messiah with so many people.