Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Visit From Dad And Uncle Bill

This spring has been a season of hospitality for us at Chateau Williams, and we LOVE it! This past weekend was extra special because my namesake--Uncle Bill and my dad came up for the weekend. My uncle is fast approaching his 81st birthday and my dad just celebrated his 74th, and my uncle shared with us that he thought that it was probably only the third time in his life that he had stayed the night in another person's home. When he told me that, I responded, "Well, I'm not sure that this time really counts, because technically, your name is on the deed." ;)

We spent our evenings relaxing and playing cards, and each day, Jamie and I took my dad and uncle to explore a little bit of our area. We drove through the Fort Pitt Tunnel so they could see downtown Pittsburgh, and then took time to enjoy the view at Cooper's Rock after visiting the Coliseum and Mountaineer Field. If you didn't know, it's pretty much a given in our family to be Mountaineer fans. And the trip was made even better because we were able to visit the WVU Basketball practice facility and see highlights from Mountaineer basketball throughout the history of the program. The visit to the practice facility (and a stop by the WVU Field House) brought back a memory from high school for my uncle of seeing Mountaineer legend Mark Workman play in what is now Stansbury Hall. 

The entire weekend was a blast, but the high point for me was probably having my dad and uncle visit the church we are part of. As an added bonus I was giving the message. My dad and uncle both supported Great Commission Ministries, the mission agency I worked for from 2001-2009 for the entire duration of my time there, but my uncle never had an opportunity to see the incredible community I have been privileged to be part of from the moment I first placed my faith in Christ on November 12, 1994 (which also happens to be my sister's wedding date). He and my dad both commented on how encouraging it was to be able to hear me share, but even more encouraging to see and experience the wonderful faith community that Jamie and I are privileged to be part of. After the service, Dad, Uncle Bill, and I had a few moments of joy-filled tears flowing out of gratitude--gratitude for family, gratitude for community, and gratitude for our faith in a God who allows us to experience joy no matter what the circumstances. 

We all have been given so much. And I am so thankful for the opportunity to see through the fresh eyes of my dad and my uncle some of the wonderful gifts we have been given to share. And to be able to share in anything good is an incredible gift indeed. My uncle told me before he left that he almost didn't come--not for any particular reason beyond a desire to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of being home. But, he shared multiple times, he was really glad he came, and so were we. In fact, as we drove around exploring, my uncle and dad already started planning for their next trip. We can't wait!

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