Saturday, March 21, 2015

Remembering Fred Rogers: You Can Grow Ideas

Yesterday would have been Mr. Rogers' 86th birthday. I didn't know much about Mr. Rogers growing up except that it was one of my favorite shows on PBS. I love the music video remix above that captures just a few ways Mr. Rogers helped unleash generations of creativity as he encouraged young people to use their imagination to grow ideas in the garden of their mind.

I love seeing some of the old props from the show when I have a little extra time in the Pittsburgh Airport. And I love learning more about Mr. Rogers himself. For example, I did not know when I was  little that he was a Presbyterian minister and that he went to Pittsburgh Theological Seminary while he was helping to build the nations first community sponsored educational television station, WQED in Pittsburgh. Living within the broadcast reach of WQED, I have to say I really love the programming they offer that highlights some of the great venues, neighborhoods, and history of Pittsburgh and the region. 

I learned yesterday through an article on Huffington Post that Mr. Rogers' cardigans were hand-made by his mother, that she made sweaters for many, and that this was a one of the ways she showed her love. What an amazing testimony, and what an incredible family. I felt an echo of my own mom's generosity as I read that story. She used to make baby blankets for friends, neighbors, and relatives, and she made quilts that me, my brother, and sister still treasure to this day.

May we each take time to unleash our imagination, and grow ideas that can change the world. And may we each be instruments of compassion and good neighbors to those who God places on our path in this life. And may we aspire to leave a legacy for future generations as Mr. Rogers did for so many of us. 

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