Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Treasure of Good Friends

Last Saturday I was privileged to be able to hang out with three incredible friends of mine, Jimmy, John, and Andy.  Last year, we made a commitment to attempt to hang out at least once a year as a ‘guys day’ of catching up and having some fun together.  This year this annual gathering was made even sweeter because our significant others were able to get together and spend the day together as well.

I first met Jimmy in high school, but I don’t think it was until our senior year physics class with Mrs. Berry at Parkersburg High that we became good friends. We made a decision to be college roommates, and lived together for six years.  For the record, I finished my degree in five years, but it took him six. ;) 

John lived in my dorm with me and Jimmy our freshman year, and, while we were never roommates, there was just a special bond that was formed among many of the people who lived on our wing of Arnold Hall our freshman year.

I met Andy in the dorms too, but it was my junior year.  He and I also went on to live as roommates for six years (two of those were with Jimmy). 

For each of us, our friendship took on an un-anticipated depth when one-by-one we committed to a life of faith.  Each of us became involved with Campus Crusade for Christ, and became active participants in what was then a small community church in Morgantown, Chestnut Ridge Church.  I believe that our common faith journey took our friendship far deeper than it would have gone otherwise, and, I’m grateful for that depth.

It’s pretty amazing what these men have been able to do with their lives since back in the days of our undergrad.  Each one of them is highly successful in their career, incredibly passionate about their families, and committed to pursuing justice in this world. Actually, Andy and John are both board members of Nuru among their sundry other commitments.

So we got together, visited Eat-N-Park for some breakfast, watched the Mountaineers beat Louisville, and then went to catch a movie and grab a bite to eat.  Our conversation ranged from laughter and jubilation (at the end of the WVU game), to some rich conversations about our faith.

Every time I take a look back over my life, I’m utterly amazed that the Creator of the universe has allowed me to have such incredible friendships.  It’s not just Jimmy, Andy, and John and their spouses.  I have truly been blessed with some amazing friends who are making a true difference in this world by the way they live their lives.

As I started this post, I thought it was going to be nostalgic about weekend fun with these three guys, but as I’ve written, I’ve found my eyes welling up with tears of gratitude for the truly magical journey I’ve been able to travel in my short life, and for the incredible treasure of friendship that I’ve experienced with many wonderful people.  If you are reading this, chances are you are one of them.  Thank you for the gift you’ve given me by being my friend.

And, if I don’t know you, maybe one day we will meet and share stories too.

And, in this world of hyper-connectedness where ironically people are feeling more isolated, maybe take a moment to leave a note on a friend’s fb wall, send a text, make a phone call, or just visit. I know I need to make this more of a lifestyle personally.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. :)I appreciate you. And even though it's fewer and farther between visits sometimes, it just keeps getting better. Bless you friend. -Jenn