Sunday, March 27, 2011

Koffie Verkeerd with Stroopwafel in Schipol Airport

I wanted to at least write a quick note and give a brief update from my travels. So much to say but my next flight boards in just a few minutes. So far the travel has been amazing. I actually slept and enjoyed a smooth flight across the Atlantic through the night. I also watched 'The King's Speech' on the plane. Great movie!

Sitting next to me on the plane was a Nigerian man who has spent the last thirty years living in Detroit after finishing a degree at Michigan Tech. He currently works for Ford as a network engineer and goes back home to visit his mother three times each year. He was very well versed in the problems and potential of the African continent, and he was also designing a solar powered LED & battery charging lantern. 

Needless to say we had some great conversations and exchanged information as we departed at Schipol. 

I'm looking forward to more amazing connections to be made as I continue my travels. Speaking of connections, I better go. I really don't want to miss my next flight. 

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