Monday, May 18, 2009

Shavers Fork

This afternoon I took a drive to have some time in for reflection and
prayer. I drove to our family cabin near Elkins WV. This morning I
realized after cutting my grass last week it would probably be good to
cut the grass at the cabin too. It's all done now.
As I sat alongside the river and watched the flow, I could help but
think about the flow and rhythm of my own life. My family and my
people have always been river people. The river reminds us of the
power of God and his deliberate and constant work in our lives.
Sometimes our lives get out of rhythm, but God never does. Sometimes
our lives seem out of control, but just like the river, God always
accomplished His purposes.
As I sit here along the river I'm reminded of His infinite stability
and resoluteness of purpose.
Wherever you might be today, take time to reflect on God's perfect
stability and strength. There are many purposes God wants to carry out
in our world and lives, and He offers each one of us an opportunity to
join in that work. In His time. According to His purpose and plan.
May God achieve His purposes through you today!

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