Thursday, May 07, 2009

Pacing and Waiting

That's a picture of my dad and sister after Dad's third walk of the day. He walked for over a half-hour this time, and for the first time since he got here, he was ABLE TO VENTURE OFF THE FLOOR!!!

Yesterday was a very discouraging day, but today was totally different. Dad's attitude was to do whatever was within his power to make his quality of life better and progress until he was able to leave. His main limiting factor is tweaking his coumadin dose to a PT/INR (some ratio regarding clotting capacity of blood) of two to three. His doctor told hm that he wouldn't be able to leave until this number was right. But, he has made a ton of other progress.

He's no longer hooked up to a telemetry unit. He actually has no more plugs or wires attached to him (as of 6PM), and I think he is enjoying his freedom. I asked his doctor if it would be possible for him to leave the floor and see some different sites, and not only did he allow it, but he had a nurse disconnected all of dad's remaining wires. So dad and Becky enjoyed some of his newly earned freedom this evening by exploring the other floors and spending some time outside.

The days here are pretty long, but it looks like dad will eventually be out of here. It won't be tomorrow, but it should be before Christmas according to one of the nurses here.

All of his dressings on his wounds have been removed as well. Dad looks like a totally new man. He's had some cramping in the foot of the leg from which the veins were taken, and an allergic reaction to some of his new medicine, but overall he is making some serious progress. It's really hard to believe that he had a massive heart attack and his chest ripped open twice just 10 days ago.

Thanks again for praying for dad. I honestly believe his renewed perspective and the progress of the day are largely a result of your prayers.

I hope I have more good news to report tomorrow. I'm gonna try to get some rest at a decent hour tonight, and I think Dad and Becky are as well.

Until then, we will continue pacing the halls and waiting for Dad's release.

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Willie said...

Wow. He looks GREAT! I don't know what he is still doing in the hospital. And I thought I was going to leave him in the dust next weekend. He looks like a contender.