Monday, May 04, 2009

Setbacks and Determination

When we went to bed last night everybody thought dad was probably going to be heading home today. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. This morning he woke up with his left hand and in both of his feet. As a result, an EKG and echocardiogram were ordered, and the doctors said that he WILL NOT be coming home today or tomorrow. The doctor wants to examine the his heart for possible blockage. He said that the numbness may be nothing at all, but because dad is on the heart floor they have to check it out as a possible mini-stroke.

My dad is more than a little deflated from finding out he won't be able to go home for a couple more days. In his words, he was "disgusted" with everything that was happening. I can't blame him. We were convinced that he was doing really well. He walked four times yesterday, and covered some serious distance. He even had a Hardee's Thickburger, and a little microwave popcorn. He was cracking jokes, and all of us were beginning to plan his departure and return to home.

But today was full of setbacks. He's had trouble getting up. He's had trouble going to the bathroom. He's had trouble bathing. He's developed a rash over the last couple of days too. It's really been a rough day. But he has still managed to walk four times, and I was tremendously thankful for the opportunity he had to play cornhole with other patients and nurses on the floor (he made it to the championship game!). The game gave him a little respite in the middle of a pretty discouraging day. It was kind of cool to see the determination on his face as he played cornhole--it was a good bit of fun for him and helped him to take his mind off the fact he isn't going to make it home for a couple of days.

Right now, he is resting but he's feeling more than a little discouraged. Since you read this entry, I want to ask you to take 30 seconds and pray for him. Pray for some of these physical setbacks to go away. Pray for his attitude to get positive again. I was told that many heart patients have a difficult time with depression post-op, but dad has been doing well the last couple of days. Today has been different though. He's frustrated and disgusted that he can't go home yet, and nothing seems to be going for him.

I've reminded him that it is a really good thing tha tall of these things are happening now, and not after he leaves. While it would be great to be home, it is greater to know that his physicians are doing everything they can to insure that he will have no problems after he goes home. I would hate for him to have a day like today as his first day home--so much better to be here at CAMC.

As for me, I'm going to hitch a ride off my friend Matt Santen and stay the night again at his house. I feel like I'm a member of the family after staying with Santen's the last few days. His family has been a great example of the fact that in Christ our family is HUGE.

Thanks again for reading, for praying, for encouraging, and for helping sustain my dad and the family during this time. Your encouragement on twitterand your comments on facebookcontinue to encourage.

We have been setback a few times today, but pray for a deepening determination on my dad's part to do what he can, and accept what he can't as we seek to get him back to better than his old self.

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