Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pat White's Superfan

My dad just got his first Miami Dolphins hat as a gift this afternoon because he's such a huge fan of Pat White. When my sister brought it in, he wore the hat with pride. Dad is now in a step-down unit and making some serious progress in his status. Of course he doesn't have the greatest appetite, but that's to be expected after a double round of anesthetic.

We've spent the evening trying to encourage him to eat even though he doesn't feel hungry and he says the food tastes terrible. (I tried a little bit of all the food though, and it all tasted pretty good).

Here's where we are right now. Dad needs to start walking (something he's pretty good at), and once he can sit up on his own and walk four times in one day on his own he will be able to be released.

It's cool because now we have some goals and incentives to start shooting for. And Jamie's background in rehab and exercise physiology will make her a perfect coach for moving him along.

But, he needs to eat. It's been about three days since he's had a meal, and that makes it hard for anyone to walk. Say some prayers that Dad's appetite will increase and he can start to get his strength back.

In the meantime, while he's in here he will be breaking in his new Pat White. . . er . . . uh . . . I mean Miami Dolphins hat and looking forward to getting his strength back and start walking around the Parkersburg City Park again real soon.

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BrotherChuck said...

He looks great. What a tough individual. I'm proud to call him my father. The hat might take some warming up to, but I suppose Pat White is a justifiable reason to become a Dolphins follower.