Monday, April 06, 2009

I Washed My Bible

That image above is my Bible. The one I made lots of notes in. The one that I carry with me virtually everywhere. I guess I should be using the past tense in those last sentences, because I ran my Bible through the washer this morning.

It sounds kind of spiritual, right? Make sure you wash your Bible every day and pray. haha. I can't believe I did this. My bible is now a jumbled mess. It's a little pocket Bible, but it weighs as much as one of the big boys now.

I was multi-tasking a bit this morning (a skill I learned as an analytical chemist at Mylan) when it happened. I was going back and forth between responding to emails, household chores, and planning for a couple of speaking engagements I have in the next couple of weeks. I had my Bible on my bed/futon, and I decided that today I was going to wash all of my blankets. I grabbed up the blankets, sheets, pillowcases (and Bible), and proceeded to shove them all into the washer. An hour later, I open the washer and remove all of the blankets, sheets, etc. and find my bible lying at the back of the washer.

I was more than a little bit bummed. I mean, I've been through so much with this particular Bible so there was a sentimental value attached. But the flip-side is that I've stored these words in my heart. And more important than the Bible is my relationship with the living God. So I hopped in my car and drove to Laura Christie's bookstore, Good News Bookstore. I was long overdue for catching up with Laura, and I like to support local businesses.

While I will miss my old Bible, and it's notes, I guess it is a good reminder to be more aware, and to maybe make my notes in more than one place.

I was able to find a similar pocket ESV Bible--the cover is different, but the words are the same. ;)

As much as I had hoped to be really productive today, the day definitely hasn't gone as initially planned.

Anybody else ever done anything this ridiculous?


T@R@ said...

I did the exact same thing with my blackberry while washing bedding in our guest bedroom before my parents came to visit!

BigMama said...

I wish I could explain how many of Elwood's cell phones have gone through the wash. We're unlikely to ever get a NICE phone because they all end up washed!

Sorry about the Bible -- hope that the next one will be full of notes before you know it!

WV: irchable -- Billy was feeling very irchable after running his Bible through the laundry.