Friday, May 20, 2005

Connecting with Staff and Preparing for Students

OVer the last four days, my time in Orlando has been extremely busy. I have had a hard time connecting with people back home because of limited access to the internet, and my time has been extremely filled with preparations for the arrival of the students. Tomorrow about 100 students from all over the country will be arriving in Orlando for GCM's Leadership Training (LT) program.

The number of staff in attendance here is much lower than in years past, and it has made for ma much busier time for everyone, but the time has been a great period of connecting with one another and hearing how God has been at work in each of our lives to bring us here together.

I have been living in temporary housing for the last four days, and I am looking forward to having a little bit of time tonight to get moved into my new home for the next three months.

Although I have had my camera all week, I haven't been taking many pictures. Over the past week, it seems i have developed a knack for forgetting to take pictures along the way.

Well, it is back to work getting ready for the students' arrival tomorrow. Much to do and little time to do it!

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nic said...

excuses excuses. You better recognize who your friends are buddy. Just kidding. Hope all is going well for you my friend looks like your summer has started and mine starts tommorrow if you have some free time tuesday night give me a ring after 9 and we can chat about the study here and floridia there. Hope all is going well bro. Much love