Friday, May 13, 2005

Car Problems

Well, I just commenced my journey to Florida today, and it has been eventful thus far. I planned to leave early in the morning and head toward Parkersburg to meet with a few people and get some last minute work done before moving farther south. On the way along route 50, a reddish liquid began to splash against my windshield. I pulled over, and popped the hood. My transmission fluid hose had come loose, and all of my transmission fluid was pouring over the highway and out of my car. Good Times! Thankfully, I knew just what to do, and tightened a clamp on the hose. After doing this, I thankfully had a half quart of fluid to add to the car. It wasn't sufficient to go for the long haul, but it was just enough to get me to parkersburg, where I drove immediately to a Chrysler dealership and had a diagnostic run on my car. (The check engine light came on shortly after my little transmission debacle.) Thankfully my transmission system was intact, and the mechanic just added three quarts of fluid. Of course neither the diagnostic check nor the fluid were free, but I think the guy respected the fact that I made the drive, and knew what I was doing with regard to the vehicle, so he walked me through the whole diagnostic, and confirmed everything I had believed to be true. It is comforting to have my diagnosis seconded by an expert. It is also cmforting to receive that confirmation prior to a long road trip, and not in a strange place along the way.


aaron said...

It seems so evident that one grows greatly in knowing God in not such good times. Keep the faith and trust in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. Everything will be fine and it could always be worse, always. God bless all!!!

chanchanchepon said...

Thanks brother--I totally agree with you. It is during those tough times we begin to lean on God more, and there are always people in tougher situations. 92% of the world's population don't own automobiles for instance.