Monday, November 14, 2016

Sylvia Traveling Home And Extended Family Time

Well it has been a whirlwind since Sylvia’s birth—in fact on the day of her birth, we had some heavy winds and rain and a bout of cold, blustery weather to welcome her to this world (but it has warmed up a bit since then)! In fact, when I went out to grab the car seat so we could be trained on proper use, it was a warm fall day. 

But that took a turn as we were bringing her out, and the winds picked back up again. We had spent the entirety of our time in the hospital in Jamie’s delivery room, and I felt more sensitive than ever to the fragility of this life we were entrusted with, and as I watched leaves blow across the parking lot, I thought about just how scary and wonderful this world is all at the same time.

And after we arrived at home, we began to return to our routine of daily three mile walks through our neighborhood. But again, a whole new world emerged to us as we traveled. Sylvia was taking it all in, but I was thinking about how loud the construction vehicles were near Mountaineer Field, and how much louder still the giant Helicopter was as it landed near Ruby Memorial Hospital. And then the smells—exhaust, garbage, construction—we were becoming attuned to the minor details that have been the background of our routine. Our daughter, gave us heightened senses and deeper of awareness of everything going on around us.

And then we were able to have a few visitors up. Jamie’s parents (Monday) and my dad and sister (Tuesday and Wednesday) made the trip up to greet Miss Sylvia and welcome her into the world. Of course we have had our share of joyful tears with each new day, but there was something really special for me to see Sylvia’s grandparents and her aunt holding her. All of these visitors were special, but my heart melted when my dad held his grand-daughter. He’s such a hard-working and compassionate man, and it made me so encouraged and excited to see him holding her and speaking so softly to her as he welcomed her into the family. 

In addition, it was absolutely wonderful to see Jamie and her mom work together to give Sylvia her first bath. They did an amazing job, and there’s something really endearing about seeing three generations of women together, and watching as the older teaches the younger and gives encouragement along the way. I feel like Jamie’s folks did a really good job with her, so any lessons to be learned, we definitely want to pick up. 

Our world is full of awe as we witness Sylvia’s growth, and we are tremendously thankful for all of the kind notes, encouragement, and gifts we have received from friends and family both near and far. We are filled with gratitude for this new life, and we are additionally grateful for the way so many people we care so much about have rallied around us during this season as well! 

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