Thursday, November 10, 2016

Our Mon General Hospital And Women's Healthcare Experience

As our daughter Sylvia came into the world, Jamie and I had the distinct privilege of a weekend getaway at hotel Mon General. While we didn’t take advantage of all of the amenities offered to us during our stay, we were really impressed with the facilities as well as the staff—they were incredible.

For starters, the staff of Women’s Health Care of Morgantown were phenomenal. Midwives Rhonda Conley and Stephanie Lowe did an incredible job of caring for Jamie throughout her delivery, and Dr. Shane Prettyman gave prompt congratulations to Jamie and myself moments after her delivery. If you are going to have a child and you live in this area, I highly recommend the team at Women’s Healthcare of Morgantown. Not only were they great during the final stages of pregnancy at the hospital, but also, Rhonda, Brook Ann, Stephanie, and the entire team at WHC were encouraging and gave solid answers to all of our questions throughout Jamie’s pregnancy. Mon General has been very wise to contract with them for delivering babies too!

And then, what can I say about the nursing staff at Mon General! Jennifer Bender, our nurse on the day of Jamie’s labor, stayed an extra two hours plus at the end of her shift to see us through to the finish. She and the rest of her team offered solid counsel and helped Jamie really get started strong with breast feeding. Kiley Everson and Stephanie Smith offered wonderful care and guidance during the rest of our stay. As mentioned briefly in a previous post, Stephanie gave me a quick tutorial on diaper duty—if only she could see me now!

Other nurses came in to help us out as well, but I did not get all of the names. One nurse even coached us through all of the details around how to place Sylvia properly in the car seat, and showed us the special tool on the back of our car seat that is used for older vehicles That tool will come in handy when we are traveling to other locales and we can’t just “click in” our seat to a base.

The housekeeping and food service staff were also phenomenal. Each one of them was highly congratulatory of myself and Jamie, and we loved that they offered healthy choices on the menu. They even prepared a special meal for us to celebrate the arrival of our child. I had a steak and Jamie had chicken cordon bleu as the main course for our meal.

While we know that every day will be a learning experience with Sylvia, the entire team at Mon General and Women’s Health Care did their best to make sure we were as prepared as possible for the road ahead. We are grateful for their support and encouragement over the 42 weeks of jamie’s pregnancy and the two days of our stay at the hospital.

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