Monday, February 15, 2016

Reflection: My Wife's Surfing Adventure

Last January, while we were in California for the Semper Fi Bowl and Nuru Summit, Jamie was able to really make the most of the time to plan, to relax, and to learn a new skill—surfing. I wasn't present for it so all I have are the photos and the memory of my wife looking super relaxed and chill after a full day of catching waves. 

But, before she went surfing, she did a six mile hike from our hotel to the ocean, and then rented a bicycle to go for a little 15 mile ride up and down the coast. In case you didn’t know it, my wife is amazing, and not just because she’s an incredibly fit athlete who inspires me daily to be a better husband and human being. She also has one of the most carefree and compassionate outlooks on life of anyone I know; I wake up daily with a sense of gratitude that she is in my life.

She lives life to the fullest every day, and it was no surprise to me that she took advantage of the opportunity to learn to surf while she was so near great waves. She had a couple of other friends join her for the surf lesson too--every adventure is more exciting with friends!

Many people have a hard time either with catching the wave, paddling into the wave, or with standing up, but not Jamie. She was a natural. And as a result, I anticipate some more surfing fun in our future. Special thanks to Ana Rahlves, Anne Emerson Leak, and Jesse Fleisher for the roles y'all played in this little adventure!

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