Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Intelligentsia Coffee

Each time I visit Chicago, I try to make a stop at Intelligentsia Coffee. I first discovered Intelligentsia through my friends Doug and Randy who just started a media production company in Chicago called Advocate Creative. Doug introduced me to the coffee, but then, another friend introduced me to an actual Intelligentsia coffee shop.

What’s so special about Intelligentsia? Well, there is a degree of showmanship, and science that appealed to the analytical chemist in me. As I started my career, I worked as an analytical chemist at MylanPharmaceuticals, and so my world was filled with extractions, beakers, flasks, and balances.  Believe it or not, Intelligentsia is similar.

When they are brewing a cup of coffee, they use a pour over method for brewing to optimize extraction of flavor. The average pour over takes approximately 3.5 minutes to complete, and uses a specific weight of water and coffee (they literally pour the water over coffee grounds on a scale. They heat water to 210 degrees, and begin the pour over knowing that after filtration the brewed coffee will be at about 185-190 degrees.

Their shop is filled with coffee mugs, filters, beakers, and flasks, and no matter how you slice it, they brew a pretty incredible and flavorful cup of coffee.  If you like coffee and find yourself in downtown Chicago, I suggest giving them a try. And if you go on Tuesday, you can buy a bag of their coffee for $2 off and get a free cup brewed as well. I typically like my coffee with half and half or heavy whipping cream, but Intelligentsia is so rich and flavorful, that I enjoying drinking it without any additions.

Hope you get a chance to enjoy a cup!

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