Thursday, February 17, 2011

Storytelling—Nuru On Tour

Nuru On Tour from Nuru International on Vimeo.

I love this video, I love the music that was donated by MGMT for the video, but more than that I love the people who make up this video.  Three recent West Virginia University graduates, Derek Roberts, Tiffany Newcomb, and Lisa Hough, decided that in lieu of pursuing jobs in Accounting, Aerospace Engineering, and Civil Engineering respectively, they would drive around the country in a Ford conversion van and tell people about the greatest humanitarian crisis of our generation, and how they could join Nuru in our efforts to end extreme poverty, first in Kuria, Kenya, and then moving forward to some of the most poverty stricken and unstable places on earth.

I first met Derek in a Bible study on the campus of WVU.  He was a competitive triathlete, and passionate about pursuing justice and serving others in this world.  In fact, about a year after I met him, he left competitive cycling and triathlons emphatically by selling a bike and giving the proceeds of the sale to Nuru.  He shocked his fellow triathletes, and left many of them wondering what had happened to radically transform their fellow competitor.  Derek put his career on hold to challenge others to get engaged in the fight to end extreme poverty, and before graduating, founded Nuru’s first campus chapter at WVU.

I’m not even sure where I met Tiffany, but I know I heard stories about her passion for advocacy for a long time.  She left a great job at an engineering firm and took a job waiting tables while serving the homeless community in Morgantown, West Virginia before joining Derek and Lisa to tell Nuru’s story on college campuses, in churches, and in coffee shops in cities all over this country in the winter of 2010.

I was at a costume party at my friend Cameron’s house when I first met Lisa.  Lisa not only served as a diligent student, but also competed as a scholarship athlete in volleyball at WVU.  After her final semester, her friends Derek and Tiffany talked to her about career options, and invited her to join them in sharing Nuru’s story.  She did not hesitate to accept.

Many people found out about Nuru through this tour.  Maybe you are reading this blog post because you found out about Nuru through these three brilliant individuals.  Maybe you are reading this post and wondering if you might be able to make a contribution toward ending extreme poverty.  I can tell you for sure that you can.  I can tell you that I am of the conviction that every person on this planet has a contribution to make toward ending extreme poverty.  It could be as simple as sharing Nuru’s story with a friend or as complex as a career or degree change.  It could be as easy as making a financial contribution toward Nuru’s work, or pursuing a career in advocacy for the one BILLION people who live in extreme poverty.

Today, in the spirit of Derek, Lisa, and Tiffany I simply want to ask you, will you share Nuru’s story with someone?  Not sure where to start?  How about liking our “Do Something” page on the Nuru website?  There are lots of ideas to get you started.

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Tiffany said...

humbled by your kind words and blessed to have been a part of this story for a season. thanks for your contagious passion and endless encouragement, friend.