Monday, January 10, 2011

Minneapolis Weekend

Well, about a month ago, Jamie and I decided to take a trip to visit a couple of my long time friends, Steve and Liz Powell.  It was the first time I had seen them since July 2006, and it was a weekend that will not soon be forgotten.

For one, I was able to meet their son, William.  Cool name, huh?  Will is a very intelligent and articulate three year old, and my friends Steve and Liz are doing a brilliant job raising will to become a man of character.

When I booked the flight, the weather in Minnesota was similar to that of West Virginia.  When we arrived, it was boasting high temperatures of that were far below freezing.

And, the city received a TON of snow.  So much snow, that it led to the collapse of the Metrodome on December 12th.  

We made our way north from Minneapolis Friday night, and departed just in time to avoid the snow.  The next day, we awoke to colder weather, and in spite of the cold, we made our way out for a new experience—snowshoeing.  Of course, none of us have been ones who dabble in what we do, so we went for a four hour snoeshoeing hike!!!   According to my calorie counting app, that burnt about. 

And then…Jamie had a brand new experience.  She shot her first rounds from a firearm.  Steve and Liz were both all-americans on the WVU Rifle team when they were students here, and steve sells parts for individuals who are loking to build their own firearms.  If you want to check out his business, click here.  Btw, Jamie was a natural.  I’ve never seen anyone pick up marksmanship so quickly and neither had the Powells.  Extra incentive to stay on her good side. ;)

After our fun foray in a winter wonderland about 20 miles from the nearest store, we eventually made our way back to the city, and to a driveway buried in over two feet of snow.  Steve and I cleared the driveway,  and then Steve introduced me to raking snow off the roof to prevent water damage.  Good information to know if Morgantown receives the same level of snow fall as it did last winter.

As we ended our time, we made one last trip into downtown Minneapolis to a new restaurant called Chino Latino.  It featured equatorial foods from around the globe.  If you are in Minneapolis, give it a try. 

It was a great weekend filled with relaxation after a very busy season of travel, and it was truly refreshing to see my friends after a long period apart.  

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