Thursday, January 13, 2011

German Artists Fighting Injustice

One of my friends shared this video with me and I felt like it was only fitting that I pass it along to you.  The focus of the video is the issue of human trafficking and slavery, and since this month is national human trafficking and slavery awareness month, I pass this video along to you.  The video was created by a collaboration of artists in Germany who are dedicated poverty fighters and justice seekers.

About a year ago I found out about this collaboration of artists in Herrnhut, Germany through a woman named Rebecca Meinhard, who is a great supporter of Nuru International's work. Rebecca and her team use the arts to spread awareness about issues of injustice such as poverty, slavery, and human trafficking, and although we haven't formally met, I am personally just blown away by the passion and talent she and her friends possess. Just a little bit before last Christmas, she shared this video that members of her team created as they set-off to travel to Peru with the Not-For-Sale Campaign to care for rescued victims of human trafficking.

Will you consider ways you might work toward stopping human trafficking and slavery in your community, and in the world at large?  I know I shared this link to tips for ending slavery earlier this week, but I thought I'd make it accessible again.

Will you join me, Rebecca, and others in pursuit of justice, relief, and opportunity for the oppressed?

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