Friday, August 20, 2010

Weeping With Tears of Joy

You know, sometimes one can get so overwhelmed with emotion that words don't fully express. I wonder if tears are some type of biological response to being so saturated with emotion that it leaks out in salt water drops from one's eyes. Maybe tears are liquid emotion.

So lately I've found myself weeping a lot with gratitude. I look around me and I see blessings that are unfathomable, and I'm speechless. Even as I've started writing this little post, I've been weeping.

You see, I've been so privileged to be able to do work that I love, and to do this work together with my friends. And it's happened for years. My friends are so special and so precious to me, and I love it when we can do things together.

The photo above was taken three weeks ago when a group of friends gathered together to assemble and mail out packages to the many people who have begun financially supporting the work of Nuru. We had a full evening of hard work, joy, and laughter, and I treasure times like that.  I also think about what is happening as a result of nights like that. Literally thousands of people's lives have been changed forever.

My friend Jake was talking with a group of people about tears too. Jake had recently shown a video from Nuru called "I AM NURU" to a group of Kenyan leaders in Kuria. As the video was playing, tears began to well up in the eyes of the Kenyan staff. Jake apologized to Philip Mohochi, the chairman of the Community Develop Community for the video because he was afraid it had upset these Kenyan leaders.

Philip looked at Jake and said, "There's no need to be sorry. We are not crying because we are sad. We are crying because we are in awe that so many people who live half-way around the world care this much about us here in Kuria!"

It is a beautiful thing indeed when people give of their time, talents, and resources to care for others.

And here I am in Morgantown, WV weeping with tears of joy for the opportunity I've been given with my friends to be hope, to be light, and to be Nuru.

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