Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ritzy Lunch

Earlier today I made a stop in Clarksburg, WV at the Ritzy Lunch. Jamie's dad told me they have the best hot dogs in the area, so I thought I would give em a try. Turns out that not only did I get a delicious lunch, but I also had an opportunity to visit a restaurant that dates back to the depression era. The Ritzy Lunch has been in business in Clarksburg for seventy-seven years, and is run by a local family.

I walked in and saw the daily special, and thought it would make a perfect lunch. Two hot dogs, fries, and a drink for $6.00. I wasn't super crazy about the fries, but the hot dogs were delicious. I think next time I'll skip the fries, and get another hot dog. If you like fries though, I'd say go for it and grab the special.

I had no idea it was such a popular restaurant. I came in around 1130, and by the time I left at noon, the place was pretty much full. There were even people in line for carry-out. (I saw Jamie's high school track coach in line for carry out, but I don't think he recognized me).

Have you ever visited the Ritzy Lunch? If you are a fan of old style hot dog and hamburger joints, I highly recommend the Ritzy. We had a place in Parkersburg where I grew up called "Smitty's" or "The Broadway Sandwich Shop". There's something about these restaurants that I feel like we are losing as more chains come into the region.

Do you have a favorite West Virginia restaurant? Or, if you are living in another part of the world, what should folks definitely check out while they are in your town?

Looking forward to reading your suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

I dont usually read blogs but saw this on Facebook.. anyhow, my freshman year at Fairmont State everyone talked about Yans.. it is also a hotdog place. And well I think that they have the best hotdogs I have ever eaten. They do not have ketchup, and dont ask for it.. they wont be very happy! But they have chili and onions, and I think mustard (Im not a huge fan of mustard so I dont remember). But I always got 2 hotdogs with chili and onions, and a chocolate milk,, since the chili was pretty spicy you needed chocolate milk to help wash it down!! =)