Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Country roads

So this afternoon my dad and I took a little drive down some beautiful
country roads from Morgantown to Elkins WV. While driving I just could
not believe how beautiful the sky and the weather was today.
Over the last several months I've been traveling a lot, and that has
been incredibly fun and exciting, but it's nice to be back on these
roads that are about as straight as a question mark.
It's good to get away, and even though I'm posting this blog from a
secret underground bunker, my Internet access is spotty at best.
I guess what that means is that for a few hours, I'm 'off the grid'.
But, I will return soon, and I'm hoping that this time in a cabin
along the shavers fork will help me to plan & focus.
I think I might just be compelled to enjoy a bit of this daylight
before I start into all of that though.
Hope you can carve out some space to enjoy a little bit of this
woundrous world today.

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