Friday, January 09, 2009

Lombard Street

After a whirlwind of travel, I finally have a moment to write a little note. There's soooo much I would love to write about, but I'm going to write something a little shorter. Ironically this post is at the end of the week, and many people stay away from their computers during the weekend (this weekend I'm hoping to do something similar).

First off, I'm in Palo Alto, California right now and I am writing this blog from the Design School at Stanford University (which might be the subject of a future blog because it's a pretty amazing story in itself). In the last ten days I've been in quite a few places and I'll be in California for the next few.

On my way out here, I was invited to come meet up with a group of alumni and staff from the public policy programs of Carnegie Mellon University and Berkeley. Again, this is another crazy story and one that could be a blog entry of it's own . . . time will tell.

So me and some friends (by friends I mean folks who are heading to kenya to change the world) drove to san francisco in a PT Cruiser. And while we were there, we drove up and then down lombard street. I drove, so I couldn't really take pictures. It was also night, and we were the only car making its way down the curvy road.

And isn't that a lot like life. Sometimes it feels like you are alone going down a curvy road, or climbing up a long steep hill. Sometimes, it seems like you are all over the place and in disarray. Sometimes it feels like you are going somewhere, but there are so many curves you can almost lose sight of the final destination.

But, keep in mind, there is a destination. And the journey is part of the fun of getting there. We've just gotta not get lost in the curves but be mindful.

No matter where you are in life, on the hill top, in the curves, or on a steep journey upward. Remember you are not alone on the journey, and stop once in a while and savor the moments.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouraging thoughts, Billy, and the photo of Lombard Street which brings back some fond memories.
Greetings from Amsterdam!