Friday, December 05, 2008

Nuru Launches Episode 3

My friends Jake, Janine, Doug, and Nicole have been hard at work in a small village in Southwestern Kenya for the last 10 weeks. Their task? To listen to the people in a community of 5000 to help them to lift themselves out of extreme poverty--for good.

I'm tempted to write a lot, but honestly, I would rather you just take a few minutes and watch this video. If you like what you see then tell your friends about this blog, and about this video and organization. Also, go to the Nuru website for more videos.

Because we want to raise awareness of the crisis of extreme poverty that affects one out of every six people on the planet, we are relying on you. I can only tell so many people. But you can tell people I may never meet, and they can continue to tell people you may not know.

Together, we can end extreme poverty, one community at a time.

The only thing that needs to happen for evil and injustice to triumph is for good people to do nothing.--Edmund Burke.

So . . . do something!

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