Thursday, July 03, 2008

Floating for the Fourth

Oceanside Pipeline, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
I took this photo while I was staying in Carolina Beach helping out with GCM's Leadership Training (LT) program. I took the photo while I was floating across the Cape Fear River on my way from Fort Fisher to Southport on a Ferry.

Speaking of floating, I feel like that's a lot of what I've been doing lately. Tonight after speaking to our summer canvas group at sozo, I'm going to float down towards Winchester, VA to connect with my friends Brett and Amanda Jo Huffman and spend the night at their place.

From there, I will float on towards Springfield, VA where I will participate in a rehearsal and wedding for my friends JR and Christy. In the middle of it all, I may float into DC to see some fireworks too! After the wedding and reception, I'm going to attempt to float towards columbia, MD to attend a church that Great Commission has in the area and sharing with them a little bit of the vision of our coffeeshop here in Morgantown, Sozo. Then I imagine I will be floating back towards Morgantown.

I imagine you might be floating somewhere to celebrate the fourth, or perhaps some people are floating towards you. Wherever you are, be safe, and make sure to take time to reflect on the ultimate freedom that was won long before the revolutionary war in the United States. The war that was fought on a cross in 33AD and the victory that was won as our King marched forward three days later. Now that's worth some fireworks and more if you ask me!

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Anonymous said...

bro just wanted to let you know the site is up and running. You may want to link it to your site. I have in your profile a link to you blog. Have a great fourth I will be pushing pills so enjoy the time off for me. Hope to see you soon my friend. 2 years and counting you better get here soon. Peace