Saturday, July 19, 2008

Into The Piedmont

Into The Piedmont, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
While I do have plans to give a quick recap of some highlights from some of the last few weeks (it is always good to remember where you have been!), I will be attempting to keep some blog entries in the present as well.

Yesterday evening, I made the drive back to North Carolina, and had arrived at LT at about 2AM. Last time, it was because I left really late. This time it was because I included a couple of stops along the way, like going to see my friend Ricky Beamer who is keeping a blog here, and is quite a photographer. One other stop was at Pilot Mountain in North Carolina. If you've ever made the journey from Morgantown to WInston-Salem, you've seen this mountain.

Well, last night, after many trips past it, and with additional encouragement from my friend Brittani Kokot, I finally made the stop. It was AWESOME. It's right next to the highway, so it really doesn't take you out of the way on a trip--beyond that, it provided a great opportunity to stretch my legs, and take in some wonderful scenery. Although slightly hazy from the top, it really was breathtaking to look down upon the piedmont and the atlantic Coastal basin from this vista that sits 1400 feet above the rest of the plateau.

Today I am back at The Grind, not so much figuratively, but literally. I'm trying to take it easy today, and get re-oriented to LT, but I did stop by my favorite spot to hang out, grab a coffee, work, and just connect with people--The Grind at Carolina Beach. These folks are just getting their business started, and it's a phenomenal place. If you are in the area, you need to make a stop here! As I stepped into the space it felt like a reunion and an opportunity to catch up. What a great group of people!

Anyhoo, ironically, I feel like these next two weeks promise a degree of "normalcy" for my life. I may be living in a tent along the north end of the island for a few days while a family is using the place where I typically stay. It's a different world down here at LT, and there is a wonderful familiarity to the whole experience. I'm looking forward to savoring every moment to serve and to grow with students, staff, and community before I head back into Almost Heaven.

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