Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Reflections on 2007 Part III (Summer)

Well, as I continue my reflections on 2007, i'm still just amazed at all that happened in my life. You know, I think it is really easy to miss out on the profundity of the moment. I read a book a few years back in which one quote remarked, "There are no ordinary moments." If there is anything I have learned from blogging about my life (among other subjects), its that life is anything but "normal" and routine.

Even supposedly "routine" aspects of our life teach and shape our lives in profound ways. As the squash began to blossom this summer in my first ever garden, I began to learn new insights about my ancestors that I could pass on to future generations of my tribe. I also learned about the ability that a small seed has to feed many people. What an amazing gift from God!

And then, a month after losing my mom, my sister calls to give me some challenging news. Thankfully her situation resolved itself quickly, but again--no ordinary moments in life.

We began to spend time at the family cabin this summer too. I think it's going to be a place that will bring back good memories of mom, and hopefully we as a family will be able to create some great memories there as well. Like the time I I almost ran out of gas with friends, or the time my dad and I journeyed up seneca, or even the time my brother and nephew were in, and the whole family traveled to the cabin and to seneca.

But my whole summer wasn't spent on a mountaintop (literally or figuratively). It was a time of starting some new ventures though. Much of the summer was spent getting a coffeeshop ready to open in the heart of morgantown. And this summer, I started dedicating one blog entry per week to the subject of the message given at h2o.

Were there new commitments you made in 2007 that have now become routine? Now's a great time to reflect on changes made during the year, and once again remember as you reflect--there are no ordinary moments!

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