Friday, March 02, 2007


Rhythm, originally uploaded by chanchanchepon.
Have you ever noticed that life seems to have a rhythm? it's like we are either in step, or out of sync with the whole thing. And you can usually tell when your life is not in rhythm.

It's kind of like listening to a band, or even one musician. We can hear a difference when a band is tight and in sync with each other. We notice a distinct difference when the "timing" is off in our car. We know that there is something wrong.

Yet, when it's our own life that's out of rhythm, we tend to ignore it. We know there's something wrong, but we aren't sure how to put things right. I think that's where there are a number of tools out there. We know that if our sleep is out of rhythm, we need to make sure we get in a normal routine when it comes to sleeping and waking up. We know that when we have gotten out of

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Naomi said...

hi billy,

yes...i know exactly what you're talking about. this last week has been an "out of sync" week for me. those were the exact words that i used just an hour ago...but i couldn't exactly explain why i felt that way! now i know. my normal rhythm has been totally messed up by starting Dutch classes.

hope you're doing well!