Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Heading back across the big water

Exciting news!!! GCM is hosting its first ever European conference Dec 27-31 2005. Churches from all over europe will be joining together for this historic gathering, and I am going to go help out!

Please pray for the conference as well as for my contribution over there. I have friends in Europe who have been part of LTs and Ignites before, and I would love for them to get a spiritual renewal through a conference like this.

I also ask for prayers that the necessary funds would be able to be raised in the next three weeks to pay for this short term support venture for Great Commission Europe.

Thanks again for lifting this whole faith venture up to the Lord. As much as I am asking for prayer for myself, I also ask you pray for the people who will be travelling from all over Europe to Amsterdam for this event. Please also pray for the handful of American travellers who will be journeying over to provide additional support for the Amsterdam church which is hosting the conference.

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Brandi said...

Hi Billy. My name is Brandi and I'm working with the church in Köln, Germany. Someone coming from your site left a comment on mine so I thought that I would check it out. I'll be at the conference in Jan., so maybe we will run into each other. Tschuss!