Monday, January 18, 2016

Martin Luther King Day 2016

For the many of the last several years, I’ve written a post and shared video or audio from one of Dr. King’s speeches on MLK Day. This year, in the spirit of continuing that tradition, I thought I would post an excerpt and a photo taken at the MLK Memorial in Washington DC.

As people around the country are enjoying a day off, I wanted to write a quick note to encourage you toward an act of service. The world becomes a better place when we choose to serve, and the purpose and intent of the MLK holiday is to give people a space and time to serve in their communities and in the world. For those who have already made other plans for the day, this is not an attempt to shame or guilt, but a reminder.

I believe service can and should be a lifestyle. I believe the highest calling of individuals is a calling to service. And I believe that setting aside a day is a great start to cultivating a lifestyle, but I want to encourage you to take time as you plot out your year and your plans—carve out opportunities to serve others. Go volunteer with your church or with a community group. Set aside money and time to give back.

The world can be a better place if we choose to serve. And I believe your life will be more fulfilling by choosing to serve. When we choose selfishness, I believe it shrinks our ability to be who we were made to be, to live out our calling, and to make the world a brighter place.

So whether you choose an act of service today or not, go out and serve this year. Set the date. Be intentional. Make it part of your life rhythm. May we each aspire toward the greatness that happens when we commit ourselves to the service and welfare of others.

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