Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nuru International’s New Website

After months of planning and preparation by our team at Nuru, we are excited to launch a brand new website that we feel helps people connect with our work better than ever before.

I’m personally really excited about this website, because each time Nuru accomplishes a new milestone, I take it as a personal moment for reflection and for vision. I can remember early conversations with Jake Harriman and John Hancox when Nuru was an idea back in summer 2007. And I can remember when our first team was formed and hit the ground in Kenya in September 2008. And now, Nuru has projects in two countries serving thousands of farmers and their families with programs that seek to build capacity, restore dignity, and long term are able to scale locally. We’ve made many adjustments along the way these last few years in an effort to serve more people, keep costs low, and impact high. And daily, whether through a blog post, a video, or a connection with other staff, I’m reminded of just how far we have come.

At the same time, I’m compelled even further by our vision for the future. Can you imagine seeing the end of extreme poverty in our lifetime? There’s no doubt that we can’t do this alone, and the problem will take all hands on deck to see a meaningful solution, BUT, we are building a solid foundation, and together, with your help, we will see the end of extreme poverty in our lifetime.

So, I invite you to take a look around our new website, and share it with others. As a West Virginian, a global citizen, and as a passionate pilgrim Shawnee seeking shalom, I’m incredibly proud of all that has been accomplished over these last few years and excited about what will take place in the years ahead.

May we each rise up to the challenges and opportunities presented to our generation to build a legacy for the future of this world and its people!

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