Monday, January 20, 2014

Martin Luther King Day 2014

Today is Martin Luther King (MLK) Day in the US, and many people are enjoying a day away from work or school. The day is set apart as a day for public service, and personally, I love this idea. Even if people don't go out and serve today, but instead begin to cultivate a lifestyle of service, I believe it is an incredible tribute to the legacy of Dr. King.

As he says in this speech excerpted above, "Anyone can be great, because anyone can serve." Personally, I believe that this world would look a whole lot different if people woke up with a perspective in which they were looking to serve others instead of looking to be served.

And this possibility starts with one person. It starts with you. Now, you could wait for someone else in your community to start serving. You could wait for some folks to organize a community service activity--maybe some folks from your church, the local government, or a civic organization. Or you could step out of the shadows, and look for the opportunity to contribute. Maybe you could join a movement like ONE or serve with a group like Nuru International or International Justice Mission. There are definitely more opportunities to serve than there are people taking those opportunities. You could volunteer at a homeless shelter or at a hospital or any number of activities locally.

Today, on MLK Day, you might not be serving somewhere. But think about where you can serve. Think about how YOU could help make this world a better place by giving back. Most of us, if we are honest, have WAY more to give than we ever attempt. Don't hold back. The world is waiting for you to be great. 

Where will you serve in 2014? 

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