Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Choosing A Path Today

For some reason, this year I have found it difficult to maintain my blog with the consistency of past years. And I'm really trying to change that. It definitely has not been for a lack of content. In my travels, I find myself reflecting regularly on experiences and seeing small life lessons strewn all along my way.

Separately, last week, I was able to list at least 20 books I have read and I would love to review. I even have a couple of books I am looking forward to reading and reviewing that are waiting in the wings. One of the ones I'm most excited about reviewing is a book called The Last Hunger Season by Roger Thurow. It is an absolutely fascinating book, and one that I hope many people will take the time to read (more about it in a later post).

Beyond this, Jamie and I were able to visit Kuria, Kenya in August and see Nuru's work first hand with specific intentions including being able to share these experiences with others. The progress that is being made, and the lives that are being changed because people here have chosen to care, and because people there are being equipped with the tools and knowledge to lift themselves out of extreme poverty is absolutely awe inspiring. These stories need to be told and shared with others!

And then, there are the moments when we have met up with old friends, or made new ones along our journey. We both feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to cross paths with so many truly amazing people--people we are proud to call our friends.

In the middle of it all, sometimes it is hard to know where to start and as I spend time wondering, another day goes by in which I let uncertainty create a vacuum where there could be a story told, a review written, or a reflection recorded.

It's funny to me because at the beginning of the year I set several goals, and have been able to accomplish virtually all of them with the exception of blogging consistently. At least I have a few months left to push forward toward this goal and although I'll fall short of my goal for the year, I can at least end well.

As I have been thinking about this, I have realized I am not alone. Every day, people from all walks of life are hindered in progress because they don't choose a path. For me, it is a matter of what story to write, and the longer I wait, the more choices and opportunities emerge, and then some opportunities also end up going away.

Some people wait forever before deciding to ask that special someone on a date, or to become their spouse while considering contingencies. Others debate over a career move, but fail to take a step. Still others have life-long dreams that never get moved forward because they never begin taking steps and choosing a path toward that goal.

At times, it makes sense to wait. Not every project, dream, or conversation needs to be realized immediately. But at some point, we have to act or they will never be realized. We must choose a path and move forward. If we don't, we will miss opportunities. We will miss mistakes as well, but then we will also miss out on the joy of achieving.

Today, I want to encourage you to choose a path, and begin walking. Today, I hope that even by writing and posting this blog, I can take a step down this path of writing more regularly, and sharing with others, and begin moving toward my goal set at the beginning of the year.

May your life be enriched as you begin to walk down a path. Who knows, your own journey may lead you to a great discovery about yourself, and about others, that will pave the way to a better tomorrow.

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